Thursday, September 25, 2008


Every Thursday Rheagen and I have this routine. I get home from work at four and her gymnastics gets over at the same time. So I go pick her up and she is STARVING! So we go to McDonalds buy some dinner and play until we decide to go to football practice! All I hear is Tiff watch this. Look what I can do. What a kid she makes me laugh. I enjoy seeing how fast she picks everything up (gymnastics and cheer)!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Yes about time I post pictures. I have been asked over and over again if I LOVE my new place. Well the answer is of course! It is always nice to be on my own. Thanks Rheagen and my mom for helping me clean the place (it always helps having music in the background to dance to). It is still kind of messy to this day. However, it is looking much better than before. I have two bedrooms and 1 ½ baths. I think the second bedroom will be my craft room/ Rheagen's room when she spends the night. Everyone look at the picture with the table. What should I do with it. My mother gave me permission to do whatever I want. Too be honest I would love to keep it the way it is but I don't know how to get it refinished. My other thought was painting it black? If anybody has some ideas please post them. The last picture on here is from one of my friends. Her little boy made me this house warming gift. I think it is soooo sweet.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I have been pretty busy. Plus no internet. I have to thank my neighbors for being so nice and letting me tap into theirs for a couple of days. Just to let you know I do enjoy being on my own. Wish I had time to sit and relax for awhile. I'm sure it will come soon. I HOPE! If I have time tomorrow night I will post pictures. I also want to get things cleaned up before I post. This place was pretty dirty before I moved in. It wasn't a disaster but the walls were dirty and ya that is kind of sick. I don't want to move into someone elses filth.

Check back tomorrow for pictures!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Brain hurts

Okay I had to write down my thoughts. I went and saw the apartment today. I do like it and I am pretty excited. I'm just trying to make sure I can do this. I have done a great deal of calculating and I think I should be fine. Well I know I will be fine. The cool thing is I worked down the price with the landlord. So things are looking up. I told the guy I will call him tomorrow with my decision. I know I am ready for this and I am super excited. I guess all I want is some support. I feel like the only one that will talk to me about this is my friend. Sorry for my rambling but I had to get this out.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One more thing

If I move out. Girls I need help decorating. Hint! Hint!

It’s about time?

I know I haven't posted in awhile. It is only because I have been doing some serious thinking. Okay that is scary especially when my mind goes. Well these last couple of months I have been thinking about moving out. I love my family so much, but I am starting to get pretty old. I also think it is the perfect time for me to be on my own. Also I hope it will help me mature.

I do need to thank my parents for being so great to me. Holly cow who else would let their kids stay at home as long as I have. They help me with so much. My poor emotional breakdowns (way too many of them), let me save my money and live with them, the biggest thing of all they ENCOURAGED me to stay in school and be the first one to congratulate me when I graduated. That sure means a great deal to me.

Well I am going to go check out an apartment on Friday. If I decide to get it I will post pictures.