Monday, November 24, 2008


It is Bunco time again. One of my friends Aunt is in charge. So she asked if I could help her out. We went shopping bought some really cute prizes. Then she asked if I could make some festive cookies. We are doing a Christmas theme for this month. So I decided I could make some Oreo cookies with red and green frosting.

Please don't look at the table I have these cookies on. I have been working on painting the table. Once I get this done I will post some before and after pictures for you.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Overheard conversation

Okay I am starting to wonder if I was born during the wrong generation. I overheard a conversation today and all I can say is OMG!!! This guy is 50 years old and he was telling some of my coworkers that he was dating a 26 year old!! Maybe I am just old fashion but that is disgusting. It took everything out of me to hold in from throwing up. Is it just me but is that completely wrong. I am one that thinks wow that is like dating my dad.

I did the whole freak out thing and everyone just laughed at me. They said age is only a number and there is nothing wrong with it. Maybe it's just me but I do think there is something wrong. I just want to hear what everyone else's opinion is about this? Tell me if you think this is okay or if you think this is completely wrong and why. Can't wait to hear everyone's voice on this.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tagged Twice (bit slow at responding)


4 things I love about my husband- Since I don't have a husband nor a boyfriend. Four things I would love is to have someone hardworking, likes to do outdoor things, can make me feel like a princess at all times (even when I am a pain), and someone that likes to be with my family. I guess all the things I want remind me of Tim.

4 movies I could watch more than once- Don't watch very many movies. However when I had no television I watched Coyote Ugly, Save the last Dance, and Work and the Glory (one awesome movie, now want to see all of them), I also like cheerleading movies so Bring it on. Is another favorite of mine.

4 T.V. shows I watch- Army Wives (can't wait for the finale tonight), Home Improvement, King of Queens, and Scurbs.

4 places I have been- Spain, California, West Yellowstone, and Saint George. (Not much of a traveler)

4 places I'd like to go- Hawaii, Alaska, New York, and Canada

4 things I look forward to in the next year- All I have to say is I would like to enjoy anything! One thing is all the girls spending the night, maybe me buying my own home, maybe going back to school and get my masters in IS, and watching my nieces and nephews grow up.

I tag anyone that hasn't done this.


Yes I have been tagged. Sorry Michelle this has taken me so long to do. What I am supposed to do is:

1. Go to your pictures.
2. Upload 4th picture of 4th folder.
3. Post.
4. Tag 4 friends.

This was taken on Mother's day. I thought it was so cute! Sienna sure loves to be around her dad. I think that is pretty precious. But yet again I always think anything my nieces do is sweet.

I tag. Tawna, Evelyn, Jaime, and Trisha (if I can get her to blog again.)