Saturday, July 3, 2010

Great Birthday

I had the greatest birthday ever. The kids all had a suprise for me.  Triston and Rheagen bought me the CUTEST bear with their own money!  I guess they had a hard time choosing what to get me. But what they got me was the best look how cute!

The was just the beginning.  Padin and Rheagen made me the cutest pictures and sang me a special song that they made up just for me.  How sweet is that?!?!? 

By noon we finally made it to the pool.  Hayley my sweet sister-in-law brought the girls over to go swimming with us.  IT WAS A BLAST!!  Even though I am in so much pain today.  I went up and down the slide proabably 50 times. (okay maybe not much but it felt like it).  The kids love going down the big slide. 

Sienna would crack me up and scream all the way down.  She wasn't scared she was just having fun.  Adyson kept saying we need to go supper dupper fast!!  Found out if i took of my shorts before we went down the slide it would make us go so much faster.  Rheagen almost got the courage to go down the slide herself but got scared at the end.  Hopefully, next time she can do it.  I can't lift her much longer.
Padin just did his own thing most of the day until he could get his turn to go down the slide.  You know girls are pretty boring!  He did find someone he went to school with thank goodness!

I have to show you what Hayley and the girls got me!  LOVE IT!!!

The day is not over yet!  Triston, Rheagen, and Padin spent the night.  Wii rime baby!  I finally bought a second controller.  Not sure if that was a good idea.  We are all way too competitive.  My favorite part was watching Triston try to help Padin, PRICELESS!!!!