Sunday, February 1, 2009

5 addictions

Not really sure what to put on this . . .

1. First of all I think I am addicted to hanging out with Trisha and her kids! They sure can put a smile on my face all the time. Especially LOU LOU!!! (by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY!!!)

2. Boot camp with Michelle Olsen!!! She is the coolest coach EVER!

3. My one hundred calorie packs. Yes, I only eat one a day. :)

4. Spending money! This has to stop FAST. I need to save again. If I ever want to buy me a house.

5. Writing down my feelings. I was told the other day that I don't know myself. The sad thing this is sooo true!!! So this friend of mine said, "I need to figure out who I am before I can really be happy." So this is one thing I am trying to do. Not working out to well.

I tag Trisha, Jaime, Tawna, and Mandi

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Jedd and Mandi said...

How are things going down that way. You should come up and visit someday.