Thursday, February 5, 2009


Boot camp may sound horrible. Well it can be it seriously kicks my butt every night. I want to thank my mom for getting us signed up to do this. I might get discouraged and I don't think i can do one more rep. Then I look to my side and what do I see my MOM still going STRONG! What the heck she is still going okay I have to keep going!! My mom rocks at this! We have to jump A LOT well she does it. I look around the room and most women don't. I look up to my mother. I hope one day I can be as strong as her. Mom I love you!! Thanks for doing this with me.
One other thing I talked to Michelle Olsen and she thought I could be a coach. I work with one man that ways 350 pounds. He is the nicest guy in the whole world!!! However, I care about him so much that I stress about him. I am so worried one day with his weight he will have a heart attack at work and they will not be able to get him out of the building.
I told him I worry about him all the time. So one day I just asked if I could help coach him to lose weight. I told him there was also an incentive to drop the pounds. If you go on my website and sign up. You can be put in to win money. I know it sounds like a scam but it isn't. So if any of you would like me to help you. While I am helping myself please. Email, text, or call. I will help! I want to help! By the way we are doing the ChaLEAN Extreme at boot camp and IT IS AWESOME!! Soon I will have the DVD's. So if any of you would like to borrow anything. Let me know!!
Yes I don't have much on my website right now but it will be up to date this weekend.

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Michelle said...

Mom is in such good shape. Seriously. I think..... Maybe her Grandkids??????