Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun night

First off I got a phone call at 9:30 Saturday night saying get your but to the house. Let's play the wii. I tried my hardest not to play this thing because I know me I will get addicted real fast. However, the greatest people in the world got me to play. I had so much fun. Especially playing Mario kart! I am a dork I know but I am so competitive that I was trying my hardest to win. The thing is I was not very good . . . well I stink at it. I was glad when I didn't take 12th place. Ha ha ! At least I couldn't do any worse! A couple of us were talking we should make this an all nighter. So guess what . . . yes we did. I didn't make it home until about eleven the next day. I just have to thank my friends for being so nice and getting me out of the house. Even though I was missing one of my favorite shows "John and Kate plus 8". Well I ended up not missing it. I was glad I did miss it because there was one benefit of the night. I made a really good friend.

Thanks again everyone! I hope we can do this again soon. The food can be on me this time.

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MaRbLe MaDDnEsS said...

Oh my heck I LOVE YOU!! I had the best time. I love to see jade relax and have fun! HE LaUgHeD more than he has in FoReVeR!
We WILL do it again soon!

Jaime And Tyrell said...

I love Mario Kart Sara got it for christmas and trey has been obsessed so we bought him a wii and Mario karts for his birthday on Saturday he is going to be so suprised cause i told him he couldnt have a Wii cause they cost too much bought me and ty are suckers and always give in.

Michelle said...

Be young. Have fun. Those nights are great. Your lucky to have great friends.

Evelyn said...

Mario Kart is more addicting than anything in the world for me. I can't let us ever get it, because I would be useless entirely! I could never stop. :) I'm glad you had such a good time!